Terms of work
Basics of work, account and security
  1. An Affiliate must successfully comply with all the provisions of this Agreement prior to this Agreement coming into force and effect. To become an Affiliate in the Affiliate Program in terms of the current Agreement, the Affiliate confirms his acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  2. Affiliate, accepting the Golden Reels terms and conditions, thereby confirms that he is 18 years or more.
  3. To enter the system of the Golden Reels Affiliate Program a login and password are created, which the Affiliate personally keeps from loss and disclosure to third parties. The Affiliate Program is not responsible for the safety of this confidential Affiliate data.
  4. In case of making amendments in the Rules of the Affiliate Program, the Affiliates will be notified by an email or a message, that will be displayed to them after logging into their account. It is your own responsibility to check the Rules of the Golden Reels Affiliate Program website to ensure that you are aware of the latest version of them. If an amendment to this Agreement is not acceptable to you, your own remedy is to terminate this Agreement. Your continued working under the Rules of the Affiliate Program and/or promoting a Casino signifies your approval and acceptance of the amendment
  5. Golden Reels program reserves the right to refuse in cooperation with this or that partner without assigning any reasons.
  6. Affiliate Program uses the Last cookie wins rule, which means that the player is assigned to the Affiliate, by advertising of whoom player visited and registered in the casino in the last time.
  7. Affiliate Program prohibits the transfer and sale of accounts to third parties without prior approval from the administration.
Traffic, the sources and limitations
  1. Affiliate Program has the right at any time to request the information about the traffic sources of the Affiliate. If the Affiliate does not provide information about the sources on which the Affiliate advertises the casino, the Affiliate program reserves the right to freeze payments to the Affiliate. For websites, you need to specify a URL (or an alternative path to the domain), for media / arbitrage traffic - an example of an ad and a screenshot of an advertising cabinet, for emailing - add email [email protected] to the mailing list and show the text and template of letters, for public posts in social networks, channels for streams or mobile applications - use of the correct links. If advertising is given in languages not used in the Partner Program, then the Partner is obliged to translate it on request.
  2. Golden Reels Affiliate Program strictly prohibits Affiliates from attracting customers using spam mailing. In the case that such facts are discovered, the Affiliate Program may close the Affiliate's personal account in the Golden Reels system without paying the money earned and stored on the account.
  3. Affiliate Program allows partners to send emails to players from their own email databases only if the partner can specify the source of the receipt of this data. The texts in the mailing lists must be from a third party and must be agreed with the administration of the Affiliate Program in advance.
  4. Affiliate Program limits the use of Branded Traffic by Affiliates through standard commission programs. For the project Golden Reels commission for the CPA program - 35 USD. Brand traffic is traffic generated by vital requests, that is containing the name of Affiliate Program projects in various variants, including the ones with mistakes (typosquatting ). If Affiliates want to use branded traffic, they must first contact the support and agree on the working conditions. In case of conscious use of standard commission models for branded traffic and hiding this information Affiliate Program reserves the right to suspend cooperation with the Affiliate.
  5. Affiliate Program strictly prohibits the use of motivated traffic. In case of detection of this, the Affiliate Program has the right to close the Affiliate's account without prior warning and paymenCommission programs, negative carryover and sub-partnerst of the money earned by him.
Commission programs, negative carryover and sub-partner
  1. In the Affiliate Program it is possible to work on CPA programs. These programs are individual, they are activated after the agreement of conditions with managers and can be turned off at any time after 24 hours after written notification to the Affiliate.
  2. To pass the Qualification, the sum of the player's deposits and the number of rounds must exceed the CPA program's minimum threshold within 30 days from registration. Otherwise, the player is considered not to have passed the qualification conditions.
  3. If in the reporting period there were large winnings of players exceeding their funds, in other words if the players brought by the Affiliate caused a loss to the Casino, then the Affiliate's income for this period equals zero;
  4. If there is a negative balance in the Affiliate's account in the current reporting period, it is NEVER transferred to the next reporting period. The next reporting period starts with a zero (not negative) value, as the Golden Reels Affiliate Program does not cover financial risks at the expense of its Affiliates.
  5. If an Affiliate has attracted a person that wishes to become new Affiliate (or sub-partners in other words) to cooperate with the Golden Reels Affiliate Program, referral bonuses will be added the ones account;
  6. The size of referral bonuses is calculated in the amount equal to 5% of the earnings of all involved sub-partners for the reporting period.
Promo materials and their usage
  1. Affiliate program provides its Affiliates with graphic materials and text materials (with the prior agreement). Affiliates are free to use the information available on the casino website and from casino lobby only in their own words. Copying texts from casino site "as is" may cause the termination of cooperation with the Affiliate or treatment of his traffic as a branded once
  2. Affiliates are strictly prohibited to use promotional materials (logo, text, graphics, video, and layout elements) of our original project to promote their counterfeit copies that violate copyright terms and for the promotion of own projects. In the case of a violation, the Affiliate's account may be blocked without notice.
  3. Affiliate Program has the right to require the presence of the correct information about its projects in the Affiliate's reviews. In case of specifying false information that differs from the data on the project sites, the Affiliate Program reserves the right to suspend cooperation with the Affiliate.
  4. Affiliate Program may require the replacement of outdated links, logos, screenshots, and other promotional materials, and postpone a payout in the situation of Affiliate's refusal to replace them for an indefinite period until their replacement occurs.
Fraud, scam, and violation of the work rules
  1. All the affiliates are strongly prohibited to own and use their personal accounts in the casino belonging to the Golden Reels program under own referral link. In case of infringement of this regulation both partners’ accounts will be banned accompanied by the debiting of monetary resources from both accounts. Such decision may not be debated. Members of the Affiliate's family and people who are close to him are also subject to this rule.
  2. Affiliate program has the right to change the state of the financial balance of the Affiliate to an amount that the player received or lost as a result of fraudulent activity of players. Affiliate program can change Partner's balance due to this cause for an unlimited period of time after detection of the fraudulent activity.
  3. Affiliate program reserves the right not to pay out income by the CPA model in case when the partner engages fake players (for example, players with multiple accounts). If the administration of the affiliate program notices uncharacteristic behavior of the players (for example, a non-typically large percentage of players who do not return to the project after qualification on CPA), the income of the partner will be charged.
  4. Affiliate program reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and to hold the Affiliates account with immediate effect by giving written notice of termination to the Affiliate in the case of:

    • misrepresentation and / or false public statements about Affiliate program and / or projects;
    • insults towards the support and administration of the Affiliate program and / or projects.
    Affiliate program is willing to provide to the Affiliate digital proofs of such actions, like screenshots, links and etc.

    Misrepresentation and / or false public statement is described as an action, text or other information manipulation from the side of the Affiliate, that is not supported by any proofs (screenshots, links and etc.)

    Insults towards the support and administration of the Affiliate program and / or projects is considered as a text, image or any other digital form, containing offensive language or any other direct / in-direct insults.
  5. If the Affiliate wittingly provides false information about the sources of traffic that entails the suspension of cooperation.
  6. If the administration of the Affiliate program or Casino administration has the reason to suspect an Affiliate in violating rules of the Affiliate program while working with it, his/her account can be blocked, and payouts can be frozen for an indefinite period until the circumstances are clarified. If during inspection the fact of rule violating was confirmed the Affiliate program reserves the right to leave the Affiliate without payouts.
  7. In case there are disputes, the Affiliate should provide the Affiliate Program with the arguments of its rightness and its vision of resolving the existing problem. In turn, Golden Reels Affiliate Program is always ready to consider the arguments presented by the Affiliate and to seek a solution as impartial and honest as possible from the point of view of both sides. The decision taken by the Affiliate Program is not subject to review and appeal.
Procedure and terms of payments
  1. The accounting period set by the Golden Reels Affiliate Program equals to one month.
  2. Affiliate earns a commission in the Affiliate Program, which is calculated as a certain percentage of the net income of the casino from the players involved by this Affiliate. Affiliate can choose the most profitable Affiliate Program for him.
  3. Affiliate program is obliged to pay lifetime commissions until the Affiliate fulfills his/her obligations and does not cause financial or reputational harm to Affiliate Program or its Projects. In addition, the personal RevenueShare | RS part of Hybrid can be changed depending on the number of new players attracted during the reporting period.
  4. Earnings for the past reporting period are accrued within five working days.
  5. Minimum payout sum from the Affiliate’s account makes $20 for payment systems and $500 for bank wire transfer.
  6. Payment details can not be changed later than 3 business days before the end of the reporting period and until the end of the payouts.
  7. Payments to new partners or partners whose players show suspicious activity may be delayed by the administration of the Affiliate program for a period which the administration deem the most appropriate for the inspection of traffic sources.
  8. If the Affiliate has less then 3 players for the first payout, this may require a further check of those players.