Get up to 500$ for every new player – use CPA partnership

Terms and description

By choosing CPA program Partner gets a fixed sum of money for inviting every player to casino. The fixed price for a player and also some terms of partnership are created individually for every Partner according to traffic type and history of cooperation. There is no possible way to use spam ads, fraud or any other types of forbidden traffic in CPA program. Every new player who was registered with your referral link may bring you 50$-1000$. The final reward will be calculated for your account individually.

CPA programs and detailed information

CPA Simple

You get paid for every new player who made a deposit (at least minimal one). There are no other qualifications, payment is fixed – 50$ for each player.

CPA BaseLine

Partners get up to 500$ for every new player. For getting qualification in such type of CPA a new depositing player has to make deposits totaling 100$ or more. There are no time limits, so you can get your reward in 1-2 months after the player is registered with the casino.

How to apply for CPA program?

You need to have invited a certain amount of players and also provide us with some relevant information on traffic sources. There are such requirements for working at CPA model:

  1. Check if there are 20+ players in your Partner’s account.
  2. Write a message to support service using chat, e-mail or messengers.
  3. Present the information about traffic sources and read through the terms of CPA program.
  4. Expect for the support’s answer.
  5. We will send you an e-mail with the results of our checks and provide further information about the program.

CPA Agreement termination – circumstances

There are some situations which can lead to termination of Partner’s agreement fro CPA partnership program. These are such circumstances:

  • To pass the Qualification, the sum of the player's deposits and the number of rounds must exceed the CPA program's minimum threshold within 180 days from registration. Otherwise, the player is considered not to have passed the qualification conditions.
  • Fraud. By fraud we understand creating multi-accounts, bringing fake traffic, unnatural amount of players who leave casino after CPA qualification is completed.
  • Low traffic quality. By this we understand additional checks of Partners who invite players with 1-2 deposits only. Further checks will show if CPA agreement can be terminated.

If our specialists find fraud evidence, CPA program will be stopped immediately; we also keep the right to block Partner’s balance for the period of investigation which is not limited. When we find low traffic quality, we inform our Partner and provide thorough check of traffic sources. If the Partner gives no answer, we provide income recalculation according to RevShare program. Also further invited players will bring income according to RevShare commission but not any kind of CPA program.