Financial questions

For your convenience, we have provided a variety of ways to withdraw money from the program. You can choose any system which is the most suitable for you:

  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The order of payments to the bank account is the same for all partners. Here's how it should be:

Give us your payment details in this next format:

Beneficiary name: / full name of the legal entity or full name of the private entrepreneur /

Reg. Number: / company registration number in case of legal entities /

Beneficiary address: / physical address of the company office or private entrepreneur /

Beneficiary bank account # (IBAN): / bank account in international format /

Bank name: / full name of the bank /

Bank Address: / physical address of the branch of the bank in which the account was opened /

SWIFT: / bank code /

3. At the beginning of each month you send us an e-invoice with the amount of earnings for the previous month in PDF format and in English to the e-mail [email protected]. If you have multiple accounts, then for each account you send a separate invoice. The invoice amount must be in euros. You can find it in your profile in the Payments section. Conversion is done automatically according to xe.com data on the closing day of the reporting period.

Important: invoices that were not send to the e-mail [email protected]  will not be paid. Even if you dropped them to us on Skype or sent through pigeon mail.

Payout is being done during 5 working days after the beginning of the month.


For each partner that you affiliate to our program, you get a Sub-Affiliates commission. While you share the links with your friends, that work with traffic or webmasters that work well, you get 5% of their profits without limitation in time!